Elevate Your Mood This Season With Essential Acupoints: Alleviate Anxiety

5 essential oils rolled onto 5 specific acupuncture points…discover their life-changing magic!

Essential Acupoints: Alleviate Anxiety is absolutely the most enjoyable and aromatic way to dissolve your stress and anxiety, so you can feel lighter, more like yourself and get back to being present in your life

And Essential Acupoints is the easiest self-care therapy you can use in the comfort of your own home… and they smell so fantastically good!

The Story Of Essential Acupoints

Essential Accupoints was born in late March 2020, as a direct result of everything that was going on in the world. It seems absurd now, but the first weekend in March I remember being at the playground with my friend and our two, three-year-old sons. I was going on and on about how worried I was about daylight saving time starting that weekend, and how it was totally going to mess up my son's sleeping schedule. I know, I know. It legit sounds completely ridiculous now.

The same time the following week, I was calling all my patients to cancel their acupuncture appointments, not knowing when I would be reopening the doors to my practice again.

That first week, out of nowhere, I would become so unexpectedly and incredibly overwhelmed with emotion. Not only did it never, not even once, cross my mind in the 10 years of running my business that I'd have to shut down due to a global pandemic, but I was so sad I couldn't be there for my patients. 

During a time I knew everyone was so overwhelmed, I wasn't able to use my usual tools of acupuncture to help people feel less anxious and stressed out.

 Then it came to me in about 10 seconds. People could use essential oils they'd roll onto acupuncture points themselves as a self-care therapy to feel less stressed out and anxious!!!

I'd been using essential oils in my acupuncture practice for a number of years with fantastic success, having started training with Peter Holmes in 2017.

Because of their aromatic nature, essential oils are able to stimulate the acupuncture points very deeply, to treat the emotional body.

Essential oils have been an amazing addition to the healing therapies I use in my practice.

Essential Acupoints are a fantastic self-care therapy people can now use anytime they feel like they need to relax, destress, feel less anxious and more grounded. 

At home while relaxing, before going to sleep, in anticipation of a stressful meeting, while you're meditating, when you're sitting in a traffic jam...you name it.

Essential Acupoints, made with love for you, so you can feel better.

                                                        ~ Dana xoxo

Get Rid of Stress & Anxiety

Essential Acupoints are the most aromatically enjoyable way to get rid of stress and anxiety…and when you feel a sense of serenity from Essential Acupoints, life feels a whole lot better.

  • Learn how applying essential oils to acupuncture points is a powerful therapy for healing
  • Start using this amazing self-care therapy that will help you feel more peaceful, calm and happy
  • Have more contentment and peace of mind 
  • Essential Acupoints

    Learn how balancing Bergamot, soothing Lavender, calming Blue Tansy, clarifying Mandarin & grounding Atlas Cedarwood work together aromatically and energetically when applied to specific acupuncture points to effectively reduce stress and anxiety, helping you feel relaxed, serene and connected.

    Getting Essential Acupoints into your hands and home is easy as 1…2…3…

    Why you can NO LONGER AFFORD to let stress and anxiety rule your life!

    • We all know… it negatively affect your health
    • It can mess up your sleep
    • It can turn you into a control freak
    • It can lead to avoiding connecting with loved ones & friends
    • It can lead to an endless thought loop that’s totally exhausting

    What our customers are saying:

    Thank you so much for the Essential Acupoints oils! I love them!!! I’ve already been sharing them with my friends. We all love them now!! Thank you, thank you!!!


    I love the alleviate anxiety essential oils. The instructions on how to use them on the right acupoints is very clear. They are so easy to use! Thank you so much!